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Keith Richards' Upcoming Book Criticising Jagger


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From the News of the World, Sunday 4 July:-


Some might say that this makes for good pre-release publicity for Keith's upcoming autobiography, but it looks like Keith isn't going to hold back.

Humping Jack Trashed

Rolling Stone Keith Richards exposes Mick Jagger in tell-all book

By Douglas Wight, 04/07/2010

ROLLING Stone Keith Richards is taking an astonishing pop at Mick Jagger - in a book so savage management fear it could split the band for good.

In his autobiography the guitarist blasts the group's pout-lipped frontman for his wild love life, drug-taking and infidelity.

Insiders say Keith has already been asked to tone down the book, called Life, after an early draft was deemed too close to the bone.

But it is still feared the final version, out in October, could mean the 66-year-old rockers - who famously did not speak for three years in the '80s after a row - can NEVER work together again.

Last night a source close to the band, famous for songs like Jumping Jack Flash, said: "In the draft Keith didn't hold back on Mick. It was years of frustration coming out.

"He's used it to set the record straight on Mick's philandering, the affairs, the drug-taking and the fights. It promises to be dynamite.

"It's thought management asked him to tone it down but he's been determined to tell it his way." It is believed Keith - wed to wife Patti Hansen since 1979 - has long disapproved of Mick's chaotic love-life. Jagger has fathered seven kids by four women and had flings with beauties including Angelina Jolie and Carla Bruni.

Keith has spent three years writing the memoir after signing a £3.6million deal with publishers Weidenfeld and Nicolson.

Our source added: "It will be huge. Keith used to joke that he couldn't remember half the things he'd done but his memory seems fine - and that's bad news for Mick."

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Typical tabloid trash as they're already planning to tour in 2011. Besides that, it was Mick who carried Keith for about ten years anyway.

agree “they'll swallow anything if it is packed properly“

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