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Help about Deep Purple around the globe


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In the later days I found myself in a middle of an argument about how Deep Purple was perceived around the globe. From my East-European perspective, I always had the impression that they were on about the same level of popularity / greatness as Zep or Floyd or Sabbath (yes, in my part of the wood Zep, Floyd and Purple were on the same level - the one who knew about one, was digging all of them).

My point of view was that, outside US and UK, Purple were more popular / well known than The Who. I based this statement on my personal experience, as I knew about Deep Purple all my life (they were mentioned in the same breath as Zep or Floyd), but found out about The Who only after I started to read music forums (I mean, I knew about rock operas and Tommy, but I always thought that they were get mixed in the wave of early hard rock bands).

So, I have to ask the people outside US / UK: how were Deep Purple and The Who perceived in their countries? Which one was considered greater?

Thanks for your help!

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