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Best Album of 2007?


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For me, hands down In Rainbows by Radiohead.

They made big news with their "Pay whatever you want" dealio, but I think the album was much more than a breakthrough in that regard. It's one of the most refreshing, fascinating albums I've heard in some time, crawling with electronica and experimentation. Radiohead is truly a pioneer band. In a decade they will be legends.

Honorable Mentions: The Neon Bible, Arcade Fire, and Memory Almost Full, Paul Mccartney.

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Friend Opportunity- Deerhoof

Hands down this album has some fucking epic songs, and they are even more sonically explosive when you hear them live. This is an awesome album from a class band. The singing, the drumming, the weird sounds, the minimalist guitar, ALL awesome.

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Here's two albums that I come to think of for the moment..

The Sadies - New Seasons


Allmusic.com review:

It's almost disorienting to imagine that a band as good as the Sadies can still find room to improve each time they go into the studio, but Canada's greatest contribution to Americana since Blue Rodeo have been consistently topping themselves with each new album, and their sixth, New Seasons, is another triumph. It should come as no surprise that the Sadies are in superb instrumental form here and demonstrating an effortless mastery of a range of different sounds and styles; "What's Left Behind" is a superb evocation of the late-period Byrds with guitar work that would make Clarence White envious, "The Trial" is a deeply atmospheric Southern gothic tale with just the right degree of ominous atmosphere, "A Simple Aspiration" could pass for a lost Paisley Underground classic with its subtly psychedelic guitar figures, "The Land Between" is simply gorgeous folk-rock, and the opening bluegrass breakdown makes you wish these guys had let listeners hear more than 48 seconds of it. But for a band that used to prefer playing instrumentals over approaching the vocal mike, brothers Dallas Good and Travis Good have learned to sing nearly as well as they play guitar, and their harmonies add another layer of beauty and mystery to their music. The group's songwriting continues to impress, with the heartbroken "Sunset to Dawn" and "The Trial" sounding uncannily like lost country classics and the two-part "The Last Inquisition" showing they know how to write a good scary guitar figure for themselves. While ex-Jayhawk Gary Louris helped produce New Seasons, precious little of his influence is audible here; the Sadies have created a powerful and evocative sound on their previous albums, and with New Seasons they've given that sound its ideal definition.

Thunder Express - Republic Disgrace


Review from www.thecutting-edge.net


The title, Republic Disgrace, says it all with acid lyrics and sonic

reverberations. The sophomore outing for Thunder Express plays out like

a travel log of the Hellacopter's last US tour. A side project for

Hellacopter guitarist Robert "Strings" Dahlqvist, Thunder Express

allows him to explore deeper territory than his day job including his

own brand of country, soul and R&B. There's the catchy little ditty

"New York Gold," the caustic "Vegas" and the farewell "Leaving With

Ease" that all come together in a very personal ­ very 70s-styled

groove. Where the first Thunder Express record was influenced by late

60's Detroit rawk, Republic Disgrace tips its hat more to the Rolling

Stones. The same friendly "Dahlqvist" licks are there from the frantic

strumming of "Switch" to the manic intro in "Vegas" and Robert Pehrsson

(rhythm and lead guitar), Jens Lagergren (bass) and Jesper Karlsson

(drums) are there to help get the emotion just right.

In this outfit Dahlqvist sings as well as plays guitar. He makes for a

capable vocalist and actually finds his foray in the rhythm and

blues-soaked title track "Republic Disgrace." Joining him is the

brilliant Jaqee on duet and backing vocals. She is the soul that makes

the song unique. Her quivering high pitched caterwaul defines passion

and, mixed with the guitar strut and dirty solo, grinds out a perfect

roadhouse classic. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree and several

songs could easily be Hellacopter outtakes including the garage rocker

"Switch," the catchy "Everybody Knows about a Broken Heart" and the

riff-heavy "From Pleasure To Pain." All have landmark hooks in the

chords that keep them around long after they're gone. Yet, it¹s the

mold-breaking "Matrimotion" that makes Thunder Express stand on its

own. The languid country-vibe of the song is unique to Dahlqvist as he

keeps the structure simple with emphasis on the vocals in a Tom Waits/

Nick Cave kinda way.

New Orleans/Nashville songwriter Anders Osborne is Robert's cousin and

recently scored a number one hit with Tim McGraw in "Watch the Wind

Blow By." He lends his pen to Dahlqvist on the mid-tempo "Pick It Up" a

raw blues stomper that follows the Jon Spencer meets The Black Keys

instrumental "Hellberg's Lament." Maintaining his pure love of Kiss the

guitarist can't resist throwing in the slick "New York Gold" with its

Stooges surf riff. "Vegas" is obviously the thriller of the set. A

story about last year's Hellacopter's tour, it pokes fun at every city

they played and the woeful mishaps along the way. The song climaxes

with the chorus, Trouble's gonna follow us down the road / and I need

someone to lean on. At the production helm is Mattias Bärjed

(Soundtrack of Our Lives) who find the band's voice in the Pink

Floyd-ish "Panic" - a gem if ever there was one.

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I have no idea what the best album of 2007 is so far but my favorite at this point is Raising Sand followed by these albums, EPs and DVDs, in no particular order:

Ryan Adams Easy Tiger

Sarah Borges & the Broken Singles Diamonds In the Dark

Jimmy Buffett Live In Anguilla

Mitch Easter Dynamico

Mary Gauthier Between Daylight & Dark

The Gourds Noble Creatures

Jason Isbell Sirens of the Ditch

Bill Kirchen Hammer of the Honky Tonk Gods

Lyle Lovett It's Not Big, It's Large

John Prine & Mac Wiseman Standard Songs for Ordinary People

R.E.M. Live

Son Volt The Search

Southern Culture on the Skids Countrypolitian Favorites

Two Dollar Pistols Here Tomorrow, Gone Today

Wilco Sky Blue Sky

Archvial Release/Reissues

Chris Knight The Trailer Tapes

Neil Young Live At Massey Hall 1971

Todd Snider Peace, Love & Anarchy: (Rarities, B-Sides and Demos, Vol.1)


Various Artists Oxford American Southern Music Sampler #9

Various Artists Finest Worksongs: Athens Bands Play the Songs of R.E.M.

Box Sets

Pearl Jam Live at the Gorge


Ryan Adams & the Cardinals Follow the Lights

Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3 Sex, Food, Death...and Tarantulas

Patty Hurst Shifter Fugitive Glue


Jimmy Buffett Live In Anquilla

Johnny Cash The Best of The Johnny Cash Show

Guy Clark Live From Austin, TX

Pearl Jam Immagine In Cornice: Picture in a Frame

John Prine Soundstage 1980

Todd Snider The Devil You Know

R.E.M. Live

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So far, for me, it's the White Stripes' "Icky Thump".

Who knows, we may all be raving about a b**tl*g of a certain gig which is apparently taking place on 12th December...

I reckon it'll be on bit torrent sites within 12 hoursof the gig finishing... :D

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