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Least Favorite Track On Each Album


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D'Yer Makr was the first and only Led Zeppelin song I heard for a long time, and I liked it not. In NYC the soul radio would play that track only, prolly cuz Zep played so many shows at MSG in 1977. On this station I heard "Have a cigar" by Pink Floyd but it was in disco format and with female voices. I thought that's how it was for 3 years. In 1979 I started hearing all the rock they call classic now. It was new to me and I was the right age to hear it. 

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LZ1 - No single track stands out

LZ2 - Moby Dick

LZ3 - Thats the Way

LZ4 - No single track stands out

HOTH - No single track stands out

PG - Nothing - the perfect album.

Presence - Candy Store Rock maybe


Coda - Darlene

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On 7/15/2010 at 11:33 PM, zeppelincheetah said:

LZ1: Your Time is Gonna Come

LZ2: The Lemon Song

LZ3: Out on the Tiles. I don't get the hate for Hats off to Harper. I think it's a great song. Definitely an acquired taste though.

IV: Black Dog

HoTH: The Song Remains The Same

PG: The Rover

Presence: tie between Royal Orleans, Hots on For Nowhere, Candy Store Rock and For Your Life. All 4 are great songs, but just pale in comparison to the MASTERPIECES that are Achilles Last Stand, Nobody's Fault But Mine and Tea For One

ITTOD: Carouselambra

CODA: Darlene


btw "The Rover" is the only Led Zeppelin song I don't like. the rest are still "least favorites"

Words fail me ...seriously?

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I - Black Mountain Side

II - Living Loving Maid

III - Hats Off

IV - Misty Mountain Hop

HOTH - D'yer Mak'er

PG - Night Flight

Presence - Candy Store Rock

ITTOD - All My Love (Hot Dog is at least fun)

Coda - Poor Tom


Of course I still love them all (except maybe Poor Tom)

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LZ I -- Your Time Is Gonna Come 

LZ II -- The Lemon Song

LZ III -- Tangerine

LZ IV -- Stairway to Heaven 

Houses of the Holy -- D'yer Ma'ker

Physical Graffiti -- Boogie With Stu

Presence -- Candy Store Rock

In Through the Out Door -- Carouselambra

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Love em all of course, but here's my picks

1 - You Shook Me

2 - Moby Dick

3 - Hats Off to Harper

4 - Misty Mountain Hop

HOTH - D'yer Mak'er

PG - Ten Years Gone

Presence - Achille's

ITTOD - All My Love

Coda - Bonzo's Montreaux

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