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Zep Books?


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Hi all! Just wondering if you guys could recommend some Led Zeppelin books?

What I have at this point is Hammer Of The Gods and Dazed And Confused: The Stories Behind Every Song.

I'm sure there are some key books out there that you guys really dig.

Any input appreciated!

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Mick Wall's Led Zeppelin: When Giants Walked the Earth is a really good book about Zeppelin's music rather than their alleged off-stage antics. I can highly recommend that one.

That one has been way to hard for me to get into. I like it, but i like a mix of both. i find his narrations of the different band members boring actually. It's way too technical. Jimmy Page; Magus, Musician, Man is a very good read. Richard Cole's book Stairway to Heaven Uncensored is all about band's history and what it was like for him to work with them. A great read!

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i'm inclined to suggest keith shadwick's book (i've forgotten the title) as a good general introduction

I have read alot of Zep books and I feel Shadwick's book, "Led Zeppelin 1968-1980" is about one of the best. I bought Mick Wall's book when it first came out and it is interesting but the parts of the book in quotations that drive me nuts, I ended up skipping those parts of the book! I have heard Ritchie Yorke's book "Led Zeppelin: The Definitive Biography" is also good but I have never read it since it is out of print and I haven't been able to find a copy of it.

I just bought Ross Halfin's The Photographer's Led Zeppelin off ebay and received it this past week! :D I have been wanting that book for a while now but couldn't locate it locally or even win bids on it on ebay. So happy I now have it and it sits next to Live Dreams book by Laurence Ratner!

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I'd recommend Celebration Day: The Led Zeppelin Encyclopedia, I thought it was a good read. But it's a reference book and not a biography.

Dude, do you realise that book has copied all its information from wikipedia, including the same errors? What's more it has no entry for Led Zeppelin IV, incredible as it may seem.

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If you're not looking to collect every book out there and just want a thorough, comprehensive account of the band's history without all the fluff, I strongly recommend this one by Keith Shadwick. It's rather cheap as well for around $10 on eBay.


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