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Stopping Global Warming, And How We Can Achieve It


If you were given the chance, would you?  

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  1. 1. Help the Planet avoid Global Warming?

  2. 2. Cultivate 10 Cannabis Plants in your home?

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Hi All,

Please, can you all answer all questions as truthfully as possible as a copy will be sent to your Government, but they will never know who you are, so if you take Cannabis only you will know, unless you take the very strong type and then fcuk knows what you know.

I have finally worked out this mathematical formula, its is top secret so i cannot divulge its workings but it will blow your brains, really.

Next year the Total World Population will reach 7 Billion, 7,000,000,000.

Europe and North America will reach 1.1 Billion, 1,100,000,000.


If just North America and Europe could Cultivate 10 Cannabis Plants per person then we could start to grow 11 Billion Plants, 11,000,000,000.

Now as you all know New Plants take out more CO2 from the atmosphere than Old Plants, so straight away our Plan is working to the worlds advantage, more CO2 would be trapped in Plants, less would be free to increase Global Warming, Yippee.

All we need is the Seeds and 11 Billion Square Yards of Earth, if you live in a flat you can use a window box, if you have a garden then you're halfway there, if you're a Farmer then you really are a Lucky Bastard, you can plant it way over the top and get all your animals tripping, is this sounding too good to be true or what?

The only thing you cannot do is SELL the SHIT, you can USE it as you wish, Smoke It, Bake It, Make Gravy out of It, even give it away to Family or Friends, but you cannot make a Dime on it, is that OK with you all? if not then we cannot go any further, its up to you.

Regards, Danny

PS, The is a Real Formula to reduce Global Warming, this is not Bull Shit, if you don't believe me then do the Maths yourself.

PPS, This Formula wont work with Cocaine or Heroin and Our Governments wouldn't allow for their use anyway, but nice try to all the Hard Drug Users, I'm sorry but that's the way the Cannabis Cookie Crumbles. :o;):lol:

PPPS, I'm also working on a Formula for Growing Budgie Food, Millet, you would also need 10 Budgies, anybody interested?

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