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Q & A with Robert Plant

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From the Miami New Times Blogs by Lee Zimmerman.


I enjoyed that interview! Thanks for posting it, kiss of fire!

I love how Robert handles the tricky questions posed to him about Alison and Led Zeppelin and his favorite song. Very wise of him to pick a song that has nothing to do with either as his favorite! I have never heard him sing that song before.

To all who are attending his Miami concert: Have a great time!

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Nice interview. Strange that he should attribute "Who Knows Where the Time Goes" to Judy Collins, though, even casually, knowing that it was Sandy's song (and IMO her version is still the most beautiful, even if Judy Collins's is more famous/successful).

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This was a great interview. I read it the other day. I keep meaning to ask everyone this question. The interviewer asks Robert if he was tempted to do another Raising Sand album because of all the Grammy wins. I live in the Philly area and I have yet to hear any songs at all from Raising Sand on any radio station whether it be country, rock, world music, alternative, etc., etc. No stations at all in my area which is a major music market plays any of it? Do they play this music where you live on the radio stations? Also, does winning many Grammys these days really MEAN anything? Seems to be the same winners year after year with tons of major talent totally being ignored year after year especially in the rock genre? I personally think the Grammys are a joke.

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Good read. I especially liked the props to Jonesy:

"Look at John Paul Jones right now - he's in a great band - Them Crooked Vultures. I've seen them play and I've been so marveling at John's energy and his own ability to take his gift into another zone. That's what it's all about. I mean, you can't stand still. You've got to turn it on, and this show that I'm doing right now is electrifying. It's just got a different brand name."

Classy. And true.

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