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'Angel Dance' Single Available on iTunes

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I don't know how music works these days, but your can listen to the whole song via this link from Rolling Stone Song

I like this song actually. It sounds like a nice combination of Led Zeppelin III and a 1970-1971 Elvis country song. The vocals are quite nice.

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I like it! I heard it yesterday and then this morning I heard it on Q104.3 in NY. If you want to hear clips of some of the other songs here is a link:


I just tried to access the link and the samples have been removed from the site. Probably due to copyrights. I was able to play them yesterday.

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I saw the video for "Angel Dance" on VH1 Classic today.

I don't know if anyone has posted a copy of it on this site, if so, I apologize for missing it.

It had Robert riding in the back seat of a classic car, driving through what appeared to be a south Texas or Mexican town. Fits in with the Los Lobos "theme".

It was a nice video, and I really like Robert's version of this song.

Has anyone else seen it yet?

Edited to say: Just found it.


Forgive me if this is a repeat.

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