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'Angel Dance' Single Available on iTunes

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As of yesterday, the song Angel Dance (by Robert Plant) is available for download on iTunes.....for those of you who use it.

It's very nice.


This may have already been posted....if so, feel free to delete!

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I don't know how music works these days, but your can listen to the whole song via this link from Rolling Stone Song

I like this song actually. It sounds like a nice combination of Led Zeppelin III and a 1970-1971 Elvis country song. The vocals are quite nice.

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I like it! I heard it yesterday and then this morning I heard it on Q104.3 in NY. If you want to hear clips of some of the other songs here is a link:


I just tried to access the link and the samples have been removed from the site. Probably due to copyrights. I was able to play them yesterday.

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I saw the video for "Angel Dance" on VH1 Classic today.

I don't know if anyone has posted a copy of it on this site, if so, I apologize for missing it.

It had Robert riding in the back seat of a classic car, driving through what appeared to be a south Texas or Mexican town. Fits in with the Los Lobos "theme".

It was a nice video, and I really like Robert's version of this song.

Has anyone else seen it yet?

Edited to say: Just found it.


Forgive me if this is a repeat.

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