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L.A. 3/25/75 Video


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I'm bored (you'll see). So... I've always wondered who it was that filmed this show and after repeated veiwings I'm pretty sure it was done with full permission by and for the band. Its definitely shot from the 2nd or 3rd row and stays there for the entire concert, that in it's self, is a miracle.

It is also obvious that whoever shot it is no amateur, the framing, focus and steadiness of the camera is really good.

Also, Physical Graffiti had only been out 1 month at the time of this concert and this cameraman obviously already knows the songs inside and out, watch the way he pans to and from Plant and Page between verses during these new songs.

Thats not easy to do without some preperation.

Plus, there is some black and white footage edited into some of these clips that at times are shot from the stage behind the band, this was certainly shot by someone with the band because there's nothing but a giant curtain directly behind them.

Anyways, this footage never ceases to amaze me and is one of my favorite live documents of this band, pro or amateur.

I'd venture to guess that the bulk of this entire show (minus downtime for film changing) is probably in Page's vault.






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i remember when these shows were taking place my older bro,sister went to a few of the nights,i was to young,but a couple years later'77 i seen them perform.

one thing i do remember was the premier radio station KMET - fm radio was our #1 staion here in LA and we caught this radio special that promoted the

UP-COMING shows that will happen at the forum,it is a rare-radio broadcast with interviews with a couple members of the band--check it out!!




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Would be nice to have a full Show that was audience shot, especially this paticular show. Would just be nice to something new to view period.

Yes, the view from the audience is exactly what I'd enjoy, as that's the way I saw them and remember them (My memories of them are NOT 2-second shots ala an MTV video....).

Very nice, since I had just seen them in Dallas just 3 weeks earlier.

1975 was one their best-looking shows, imo.

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