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Jimmy's Favourite Indian Restaurant


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This is truly trivia (or scraping the barrel, depending on your viewpoint!), but UK society magazine 'Tatler' states in its 2010 Restaurant Guide that Jimmy is a regular at Chutney Mary Indian restaurant on the Kings Road, London. A description from the 2009 Guide states 'It claims to be London's most romantic Indian restaurant and it isn't far off the mark. Coruscating crystals and candles light the dining room and conservatory and the food is extremely refined ('No more brown food on the plate,' is the mantra of co-owner Namita Panjabi). Chutney Mary is a very swish, smart restaurant that has for a long time been upping the ante for Indian food in London.'


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Oh Gag!!!

I was once asked by a friend to go to logo.png. I thought, oh boy I've never been to a strip club!

Arriving, seeing the bulbed dome, I thought hmmmm.....this must be one of those ethnic girl's club, so I was happy to experience the exotic.

Little did I know when I entered, I'd heard my friend wrongly, he hadn't said,

College Undies. <_< So I went across the street to Burger King and had their triple whopper!

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Papaya Tree Thai Restaurant


Note: That looks like Jimmy's long-time neighbor, the film director Michael Winner, on the left at 00:10 of the videoclip.


You are absolutely right, it is indeed Michael Winner. The lady with Michael in the photograph is his receptionist, sometime actress, Joanna Kanska. From what I can gather he has a number of receptionists working for him at his home. If you remember the series of magazine articles where people who know Jimmy give an interview about him, Michael says that Jimmy is rather taken with all the receptionists (quelle surprise!!!)

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