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JPJ Performing at Africa Express in Spain

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Whether it's being a part of something high energy and rock solid like TCV, or something "out there" and avant garde like his collaboration with Sonic Youth and Merce Cunningham, or something down home and "real" like producing Sara Watkins, every time Jonesy does something new, it adds to my respect for the man. He is positively fearless when it comes to charting new ground musically. Now he's heading off to Africa for this festival. I love it. I have no idea what he's going to do or who he is playing with, but I don't care. I am sure it is going to be pure class. Just his presence alone guarantees that.

And when once I would listen to a Jimmy or a Robert project and wish one or the other was contributing, now I find myself wishing JPJ was involved. He was the true differentiator in Led Zeppelin. Just listen to Four Sticks and everything he adds to it as just one example.



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^ THIS. +1 000 000

Here's a list of other artists involved so far:


What's intriguing, among other things, is the spontaneous/improv nature of the shows. Jonesy's mentioned the idea of all presenting new songs in each concert (not sure how that would go over with the fans in the long run, but an interesting concept nonetheless). An alternative is something that Jamie Cullum does in his shows (laying aside what people may think of his music for the moment), which is not having set lists. They just go into whatever strikes them. That would certainly keep both the performers and the audience on their toes and make for an interesting experience.

Plus it's in Galicia of all places. Spain in the summer *sigh*

Jonesy :yourock:

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I would not be the least bit surprised if Jonesy turns up at a BoJ gig in the UK.

You read it here first.



I get a fine adrenaline boost when I read a post like this.

Lets roll the dice.

Would JPJ be an audience participant, or would the secret weapon be on hand, the infamous triple neck... and JPJ join the Band of Joy for a tune or two? If memory serves, I believe Jonesy is familiar with some of Robert's current set.

BillyMacQ, great reporting and glad to have read it here first.

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John Paul Jones sits in at Africa Express concert in Spain

John Paul Jones sat in with Cuban singer and guitarist Elíades Ochoa at the Africa Express concert on Saturday, Aug. 7, in Galicia, Spain.

on the song "Chan Chan," a song Ochoa helped to make famous outside of his home country in the 1997 recording "Buena Vista Social Club" and the 1999 documentary of the same name.

Jones also sat in during the headlining set by Rachid Taha, which also featured Damon Albarn, who with his band Gorillaz recently replaced U2 at the Glastonbury Festival instead of Led Zeppelin. The set also included Taha's frequent collaborator, Mick Jones, formerly of The Clash, who brought the house down with an all-star performance of "Rock the Casbah."

John Paul Jones's bass was unfortunately

. He can at least be seen a few times during

The show took place little over a week after the last concert by Them Crooked Vultures before that group went on hiatus following a year's worth of live activity.

Photos & Videos: http://www.ledzeppelinnews.com/2010/08/john-paul-jones-sits-in-at-africa.html

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