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Robert Plant covers Low!


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Okay before you all collapse in fits of laughter, let me explain.

You see when the Raising Sand tour hit the Greek Theatre here in LA back in 2008, I gave Alison Krauss a gift for her and Robert, which was an old vinyl Don

Gibson album. Included was a 'thank you' card in which among other things, I suggested possible artists they could cover for their next collaboration. LOW,

one of my favourite bands from the past 20 years(along with Portishead, Radiohead, Bjork, Broadcast, Stereolab, Black Crowes), was one of them.

Now I just heard that there are not just one, but TWO Low covers on the new Robert Plant album!!!

So I am just curious as to whether my note inspired Plant to check Low out, or if he already knew about them. Maybe Knebby or someone with Plant access

can find out. If you doubt my veracity, you can e-mail or pm me and I can give you the exact album title and my real name that I signed the card with.

Of course, it may be that after giving it to Alison, my gift never reached Robert in all the post-concert hullabaloo. Still, I wonder....

Anyway, the cool thing is that whether from me, or on his own, Percy knows about Low, and I can't help but smile at that bit of news.

The new Mojo with Plant on the cover is due to arrive any day now...can't wait to read about the new album.

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