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What does this concert mean to you ?

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I first listened to led zep in 1972 in Ndola,Zambia.I have still got the cassaette with me from that time.

I drifted from the music until i went to the university in Bradford in 1979 .I heard my neighbour playing lLed Zep and all the memories come flloding back and from that moment it has become my favourite group

I was so desperate to see them and when John Bonham died and Led Zep decided to split up i was really upset.

I saw Robert Planr at the uni but it didn't do anything for me and i also saw Jimmy Page when he came to my son' college(EPSOM COLLEGE) for a charity function and played 3 or 4 songs with the school group.It was great as i got his autographs on vol 4 cds ,shook is hand and got my photo taken with him


My neice won the codes and i applied for the tickets and what a fantastic feeling when tickmaster confirmed the booking.Then the rollercoaster ride of despair and elation started with Goldsmith intervention till yesterday when i finally got my wristband.

Coming back to the main point of the topic,i have a top 10 list of things to do in life and one of the was to take my son to see Led Zep live and this afternoon I will be going with him and as i write this

article i have a real nice feeling in my heart.He has come specially from Manchester University to see this concert and I hope we both have a great time together with all those attending tonight's concert

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