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Best Led Zeppelin Live Album



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  1. 1. What do you think is the best official Led Zeppelin live album?

    • The Song Remains The Same
    • BBC Sessions
    • How The West Was Won

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I don't know if this is a topic yet, so I'll post anyways. Led Zeppelin have released 3 official live albums: The Song Remains The Same, BBC Sessions, and How The West Was Won. Which is your favorite? Do you go with the original, TSRTS? Or do you prefer the newer releases? I look at it this way, I think BBC Sessions and HTWWW have the better Plant vocals while I think TSRTS and HTWWW have the best representations of a Zep concert. I choose HTWWW. And you...

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I think the new 2003 DVD represents the band in the best way! I know it's not an album, it's a DVD, but it has the amazing early Plant vocals and that powerful early blues rock, it has the amazing arrangements of the mid period and the latter period classics!

I would put HTWWW on the second place, because Plant's vocals are still great, but not as good as on the BBC sessions, but the playing is absolutelly unbeliveable and much more exciting then on TSRTS!

TSRTS has great arrangements of SIBLY, NQ and Dazed and Jonesy really shines on keyboards on The Rain song and No quarter(even if some of it is missising on the new release)! He never really gets a chance on keyboards on other releases!The songs that were added on the new releases have great guitar jams, but other instrumentalists sound tired and Plant sings some stuff lower, but sometimes more powerfull then on HTWWW! I also love Dazed from TSRTS, it's my favourite long version(even with all the bootlegs) and I listened to it a million times. My favourite short version of Dazed is the one form Playhouse theater 69, which was left off the BBC sessions and it has absolutelly brilliant and techically perfect guitar solos!

BBC sessions has the best vocals and great overall energy, but I will put it at number 4 because you get a lot of that on the 2003 DVD!!

I will put the TSRTS movie at number 5, because of bad visual and audio edits and because the band looks tired and unanimated on stage and i also like Plant's clothes style a lot better on Albert hall and Knebworth footage!! And the film misses a lot of the material that is on the soundtrack releases!

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I'll always have a soft spot for The Song Remains the Same. But to me, How the West Was Won is far superior. The band is in incredible form. It's got equal or better performances of every track, and it's got the acoustic set.

The Song Remains the Same-The Rain Song, plus Celebration Day are in my view the only missing pieces from HWWW that are on TSRTS.

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