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I have often wondered why Robert doesn't seem to have a West Midlands accent like John had. Does he tend to "lose" any accent when interviewed? (I am thinking of John in the b/w BBC interview when he spoke very Queen's English :) )

In fact, in some concert footage from the 70s, at times he sounds as though he comes from South (Sarf! ;) ) London! Even Jason still retains that W. Mids twang when he wants (Supergroup).

Any thoughts?

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Being accentless in an otherwise heavily accented area is usually a reflection on the type of education and home influence people have had, WildFireWoman. I would guess that Robert might have gone to a private school, and maybe his parents weren't native Yam-Yams. I can attest to this principle. When we moved up here when my kids were babies, it did occur to me to worry that maybe when they got older and learned to speak, I might not be able ot understand a word they said. But we put them into private school, kept them away from the local Chavs, and bingo, 10 years later they sound just like genuine Knightsbridge kids.

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