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Aerosmith at PNC Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ 8/24/10


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I saw an excellent show on a rainy night in NJ as Sammy Hagar opened up for Aerosmith at the PNC Art Center. Didn't watch too much of Sammy but he had a really good band with him and they did several of his hits including "I Can't Drive 55" and tons of Van Halen (Right Now, Dreams, etc.). I walked around and found some nice seats closer to the stage and sat back for two hours of rock.

Aerosmith was fantastic. They all looked and sounded really good. Steven Tyler's voice was as strong as ever, and Joe Perry showed off some really nice chops and solos. I freaked out when they did "Train Kept A Rollin'" as they did their faster version which I prefer. Joe, btw, looks like a freak as he has a total mullet now. Long hair shaved on the sides and he wore these goggles that look like something Doc Brown would wear in Back To The Future. Perry played a ton of different guitars from Telecasters to Les Pauls. He even played some pedal steel guitar and did a theremin solo during Sweet Emotion (Gee, Wonder where he got that idea from? ;) ). He played against himself during his solo as his Rock Band character played on a screen while he battled on stage. Kinda goofy to be honest. I also must say that Brad Whitford is a very underrated guitarist who had some sick solos (and a very Page-like dragon shirt on). Joey Kramer's drum solo definitely had a Bonzo feeling to it as he played with his hands (and head) at the end of it. Steven joined in on the solo too. Even the cheesier songs that have turned many fans like me off the last fifteen years or so sounded good live. Overall, it was a lot of fun to see a band I haven't seen since 1987. Say what you want about them but Aerosmith puts on one hell of a show. Good times and btw, they are loud!!! Here's the setlist:

01) Back In the Saddle

02) Train Kept A Rollin' (KILLER LIVE)

03) No More No More

04) Love In An Elevator

05) Falling In Love

06) Livin' On The Edge

07) What It Takes

08) Pink

09) Last Child

10) Cryin'

11) Drum Solo

12) Rag Doll

13) Joe Perry Guitar Solo

14) Stop Messin' Around (Fleetwood Mac cover)

15) I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (YUCK....piss break song)

16) Come Together

17) Sweet Emotion

18) Draw The Line (AWESOME!!)


19) Dream On

20) Walk This Way

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