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There are a couple of discussions of the various Japanese boxsets in the newbies thread. I have no experience of the SHM CDs but I've read reviews online that uses the technology to compare the output of the SHM CDs with regular CDs and there is very difference. I have recenetly bought the regular boxset of Zeppelin albums manufactured in Japan and I think the sound quality is sharp and clear.

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I doubt there is a major difference between SHM and regular CDs. The SHM-CDs are supposed to be easier for cd players to read and therefore are supposed to deliver enhanced audio quality. Yet, it's hard to believe that they can really change the sound of the digital masters in any significant way; bits are bits, and they cannot be changed, the cds are not remastered, just made a bit differently. While they may be easier to read, the sound should, for the most part, be close to identical. I've seen a lot of people rave about how great the SHM-CDs sound, and since I've never heard one or compared them to regular CDs, I can't neccesarily disagree with them. I just wonder if it's all in their heads. There have been numerous studies showing that if you tell someone one product is better than the other, they'll believe it; if you don't tell them, they likely won't see a difference between the two, or even think the "inferior" product is better. Just look at generic brands of products. Most of the time they're nearly identical to name brands, but people spend more for the name brands because they see the commercials on TV or see an ad in a magazine. I'm not sure if this is the case with SHM-CDs, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was. Either way, I wouldn't spend two to three times as much on a product that will likely have such a small difference that it would not even be worth it.

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