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Songs Which Make You Laugh Out Loud


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OK, I know for a fact that Disco died a long time ago but this is by far the most ridiculous disco song I've heard in a while! The lyrics are hilarious and so weird! :lol:

Now this next song is so hilarious that I fell off my chair on hearing it for the first time! I heard a very "tame" version of it on the T.V show "Friends" back in 2004! :lol: It is so sleazy that it's laughable! :lol:


This is probably "Heavy Metal" at it's worst and possibly silliest! :hysterical:

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Oh dear god! To think that I actually used to sing this song to myself when I was 5 years old! What the hell was I thinking? :hysterical:


So kiddish yet so hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing when I heard this again for the first time in 18 years! :lol:

And this folks might be the WORST possible song on the planet! :lol:


And a little tribute to Sylvester and Tweety! :lol:

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