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Heartbreaker Live Performance

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Hi everbody here

This is my first post and question in this forum

and i hope someone can help me

Till i saw the live performance of Heartbreaker (


i wanna know what jimmy plays on guitar.

The standard guitar notes i know from Led Zeppelin Songbook

but in this live version he plays a liitle bit more notes

for example in the beginning before he starts the riff

and in minute 1:56

When someone is out there who knows what he is playing

or can hear it out please send me this notes or tabs.

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yeah that´s true but did you know what he´s playing?

You seem to think those notes are from a particular song? If so, I don't agree but I could be wrong. To my ears it's just typical Page jamming, though it's true he often did incorporate fragments of other songs during Heartbreaker, such as Bach's 'Bourree'.

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