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Which Zep would you be?


The Zep you'd like to be!  

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  1. 1. Which LZ member would you like to be?

    • Robert Plant
    • Jimmy Page
    • John Bonham
    • John Paul Jones
    • All of them
    • None of them
    • I would like to be their instruments...

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I am Jimmy Page. No I'm not... but I have a teacher that calls me that, only because I played Stairway on my guitar durring class one day. He said "Hey Jimmy Page cut it out I'm trying to teach" Then it just stuck.

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John Paul Jones, as he seems to have come through relatively unscathed.

Although, if I was Jimmy Page I could go back and fix How the West Was Won and The Song Remains the Same reissues.

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Jimmy Page is definitely who I'd want to be. But I can sorta see myself in all of the band members:

Jimmy Page: Philosophically, I think we have the most in common. Fairly libertine/libertarian/liberal view of things, I'd say.

John Paul Jones: Personality wise, I think we have a lot in common. Still waters run deep.

Robert Plant: Intellectually, we have a lot in common. I can relate to his lyrics.

John Bonham: Physically, we have the most in common. Sort of a large, powerful build, even if we're not bodybuilders.

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