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Led Zeppelin's very first performance marks its 42nd birthday today...


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Led Zeppelin's very first performance (as the New Yardbirds) is celebrating its 42nd birthday today. Unfortunately no audio or video is available from this amazing event, but thanks to Karen-Annette Madsen and Lars Abel there is a fantastic website remembering the occasssion. And world renowned rock photographer Jorgen Angel has some amazing photos capturing that night...

http://www.teenclubs.dk/Led_Zeppelins_f ... rsion.html


for any German speakers on the Forum here, i have translated the pages for http://www.friendsofzep.de - THE german speaking fan community for all things Zeppelin. My translation (thanks again to Karen-Annette and Lars) can be found here....

http://www.friendsofzep.de/index.php/co ... g-alles-an

enjoy, and crank it up to 11

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