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Jimmy Page in Singapore in 1967 with Yardbirds

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Thank you for sharing these! I was just in Singapore so this is a blast for me to see these photos.

Is it me or does the guy on the right, in the above photo, look like Roger Daltrey. I know it isn't him but he sure is his doppelganger.

MS. M, I meant to update earlier, I too love these rare photos......

Tks to Joseph, who has been helpful in this archival search..

Joseph sent me the following response with respect to any archival footage/audio from Yardbirds/EMI Studios appearance:

this from March 15, 2011:

"In the mid 60s there was a major fire at the TV station and the

>> archives went up in flames. Could have been intentional."


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Photo Courtesy: With Thanks to Gracious Eric Lim, attendee Yardbirds Singpoare 1967, Eric took this photo with Kodax Box Film Camera he won at contest!!! The Photo is signed by Jimmy as well...apologies for any errors in technical...
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....Thank you Sam, SAJ, and Thozil for your most expert and dedicated contribution, I never miss,  even though I could not for a long while be here, ...LZ's  Legacy most dear to me,....so thank you from the bottom of my heart!!  So proud to be among your company for all of you are very special fans of LZ.... few more, I will now post...






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