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2010 Pop Montreal International Music Festival

Rock N' Rollin' Man

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Set to take place September 29 through October 3, the five-day festival will present more than 400 artists and deliver a bold cross-section of artforms and events. Good number of bands are playing this that I would like to see. The Tee Pee Records showcase, Wovenhand, and more.


About the festival:

POP Montreal is a grass roots festival created and supported by people who love music and live performance. Founded in 2002 by Daniel Seligman, Noelle Sorbara, and Peter Rowan (who has since moved on down the 401), it has expanded in scope and vision every year, and will celebrate it's 9th anniversary from September 29th to October 3rd this fall.

Each year, the five-day festival presents more than 400 artists. Delivering a bold cross-section of art forms and events, the festival includes symposium discussions, artisan and visual art exhibitions, fashion shows, film screenings, and, of course, a few all-night parties. For musicians and artists, fans, curators, critics, record labels and industry, POP Montreal is the North American festival that provides a dynamic introduction to the next generation of musical talent and independent art forms.

The Mission

Pop Montreal remains firmly rooted in the ethic and aesthetics of the Montreal music community. Hyperbole aside, we truly believe that Montreal is a special place, populated by a lot of amazing people who adore music. And we know it’s an amazing place to have a five-day party.

We are committed to providing opportunities for independent musicians, promoters, fans, and creative minds all of types to participate in what we truly believe is a world class international event. We will never become a compromised showcase for formulaic and uninspiring acts and their big record execs. We’re more interested in being a curated event for truly unknown artists and forgotten legends that we feel deserve a unique platform. We will never offer an entire lineup of obvious flavor-of-the-year acts. You will see the occasional superstar and breakthrough act, but most of all Pop Montreal is where you will see the headliners of the future play to their first excited crowds at intimate venues. Pop is where you will see 90 year old crooners jamming with 20 year old wünderkinds.

We’re always looking for people to get involved. Grassroots means something that happens from the ground up. It means it’s not sketched out in focus groups and executed by marketing plans. It means you have an idea and you say, ‘who’s with me?’ and you make it happen. This is how Pop Montreal continues to grow. So if you want to be part of the greatest party in the world, get in touch.

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