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Charlie Flynn

I Live On Miles Road Epsom, Does Anyone Know Jimmy's Number?

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If anyone who resides in or near Epsom should see this post, Jimmy said when he lived on Miles Road he used to purchase his records from Rumbelows, take them home and attempt to learn the solos. Although I doubt very much a photograph of Rumbelows exists, if one should be found I'm certain he'd love to see it, as would many others.

Rumbelows. It was by the Clock Tower. Rumbelows had a little section at the back where they sold records. It’s just like you see this old footage where they’ve got people going in booths and all of that. So I’d go there from school on the day where they had their deliveries in, so they’d get their deliveries in the weekdays for the weekend and you go in there and then you can check certain artists to see what their new record was. Yeah that’s it, I was really on that. I didn’t wait till Saturday, in case something had already sold out in the morning. I’d be going in there and checking what they had. I could only afford the equivalent of my pocket money, it was like the equivalent of one single. But I also had to pay for guitars so there was a lot of bobbing and weaving when it came down to being a record collector or a guitar player. -- Jimmy Page

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