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I play in a band you all may enjoy!

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Hey everyone!

This is my first post here. My name is Matt and I play guitar and serve as one of the principal songwriters in a band called Wayside. We are currently based in Boston, Mass.

I'd say our style is pretty similar to Led Zeppelin with our more acoustic stuff, and I'd definitely consider Jimmy Page a major influence on my songwriting, whether from him directly or other musicians he's influenced over the years. Our drummer Mike definitely has a Bonham-esque playing style too. I'd say our song "Days to Remember," which can be streamed on our sites, has a legit Zeppelin feel to it. Feel free to check it out at our website at waysiderock.com and you can also reach all of our social media channels from there. And if you live in the Boston area, you can see us live! Check our "Shows" page for information about our upcoming shows. Feedback is appreciated. Cheers!


Guitarist, Wayside



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