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Anyone else catch this on TV the other night? I'd heard it was really good, been meaning to get the DVD, but I was just vegging out half-asleep, and it came on the TV. Within 5 minutes, I was sitting bolt upright and grinning from ear to ear.

What a totally brilliant and captivating film - probably the best rockumentary I've ever seen. I just didn't want it to end - and I was only ever a casual fan, so that shows how good it is. And Wilko Johnson - what a character! As the main narrator, he propels the movie along at a relentless, breakneck pace, like a speedfreak at the wheel of a juggernaut. Amazing stuff.

I think I heard the Zep boys were big fans back in the day. And it would have been my first concert back in 76 when I was 15 - I'd arranged to meet a schoolmate outside the show, but I chickened out and have regretted it ever since. I saw them later, several times, but without Wilko. They were still good, but not a patch on the original band.

Highly recommended, no previous experience required. Trust me.

To widen this out a little, what other rockumentaries do you recommend?

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