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John Henry Bonham R.I.P

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It's a shame he never overcame his addictions. I wish I had been born earlier. I also wish he was still alive. I never got to see Zeppelin and I was nearly six years away from being alive when he passed. It's a shame and to think it's been 30 years is stunning and sad. His drumming means so much to me and I am sure means a lot to all the Zep Heads out there. In the states, it's not until tomorrow that it will officially be 30 years, but I felt now was as good a time as any to pay tribute to him. The song will forever remain the same, but at the same time, not quite be the same. There is none like Bonzo. There never will be either.

RI.P. John Henry Bonham

You're gone, but certainly not forgotten.


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I'm just listening to the How the west was won version of Moby Dick and I wrote a cell phone message to a friend who is a drummer, that he should drink something heavy tonight in the memory of the great Bonzo, just not as much as him!!

And I will just write, what I wrote in the memory book in the little church at the cementery where Bonzo is buried: Thanks for the heartbeat of Led Zeppelin!! It goes on!!!

It's sad he had problems with drinking, he was a very sensitive man and I think the whole pressure of touring and probably also critics that didn't like Zeppelin at the time, were a bit too much for him!!

If he would only live to see, that he is now presented as the greatest (rock) drummer ever and that Zeppelin finally got the recognition they deserve!!

Rest in peace Bonzo, you are the greatest ever!! You played incredible solos and you always knew what EXACTLY to play in each segment of any song, you were a great song writer indeed!!!

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You know I was just 16 when John died, so today had a listen to some albums & that music they made together stands up .

The night John Bonham died, was the first time I heard Led Zeppelin on the radio( a local Midlands station the DJ who was as shocked as I was.)

Thank You Bonzo.......

Thanks Reggie29 for starting the topic.

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Wow! I didn't know that it was 30 years since Bonzo's passing! I just finished listening to Moby Dick. The drum solo sends chills down my spine! Simply amazing! :wub: Bonzo was one of the greatest drummers ever! His death is such a tragedy! He may be gone but he sure as hell will never ever be forgotten! :wub:

*Observes a moment of silence to remember Bonzo

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We are here to celebrate the memories and the legacy of John Bonham let's forget how he died but to remember him as one of the greatest drummers of all time to me he is the the greatest drummer of all time. R.I.P John Henry Bonham you will be missed and never forgotten.

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I add my tribute to the heartbeat of the best band ever, became a fan when I discovered Zep when 13 with the release of presence, then fulfilled a dream by seeing them at Knebworth in 79.

Note that BBC Radio 2 is doing a tribute program to Bonzo 28/09/2010 @ 10pm GMT "The John Bonham story" for those that may not know it is available on-line worldwide at


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