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What show or live song are you listening to now?


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It was late last night when I started listening to the May 21, 1977 Houston Summit show, so I only made it through the first disc before going to sleep. Finished listening to the show earlier today.

Wondering if a general consensus has formed about this gig? To my ears, it seems an average to above-average 1977 performance, but not near the peaks reached in Los Angeles.

One of my quirks about the 1977 tour is that I prefer to have Over the Hills and Far Away in the setlist than In My Time of Dying. Not that there's anything wrong with IMTOD, but it's just that Jimmy's solo in OTHAFA was so GONZO during the 77 tour, it was often the highlight of the night, along with NQ, Kashmir, TYG, Going to California, and Achilles.

Of course, if the setlist included BOTH OTHAFA and IMTOD, all the better for the audience.

Anyway, this Houston performance has a pretty good Kashmir, Achilles and No Quarter. But Ten Years Gone, TSRTS, Sick Again and SIBLY are average, or in the case of Sick Again and TYG, below average. Jimmy stumbles thru the TYG solo, ruining the flow.

The typical dry 1977 soundboard sound doesn't help...I'd love to hear a good audience tape of this show; it might improve my feelings about the performance.

Interesting things I noticed during the show:

1. Page plays a bit of Swan Song/Midnight Moonlight during White Summer. This White Summer/BMS is actually one of the better ones...for one thing, it's brief. Only 6 minutes, not 10 like some others that drag on.

2. Bonham is alternately off and on fire in this show. He misses his cue in Sick Again and isn't particularly inspired during No Quarter, but then is energetic and a beast during IMTOD and Achilles. His fills in Achilles get so crazed I'm amazed Jimmy doesn't get thrown off by them.

3. After SIBLY, Bonham can be heard yelling for them to play OTHAFA, but his request gets ignored. Too bad.

4. Plant half coughs/name-checks Arsenal at one point, then mentions Manchester United defeated Liverpool in the FA Cup 2-1. He goes on to tell the Houstonians that if they haven't heard of soccer, they will. In five years soccer will be everything.

5. Plant notices that the Summit is a new building and that this is the first time the band have played there.

6. The band does two encores, certainly a rarity in 1977. After the usual Rock and Roll, the band comes back to finish the night with Trampled Underfoot, a welcome treat preferable to the lousy Whole Lotta Love/Black Dog/Communication Breakdown that usually was performed.

Does anyone know what the first concert at the Houston Summit was?

Now that I'm finished with Houston 77, I'm going back 40 years to 1971: August 21 & 22 at the LA Forum and September 14 at Berkeley Community Center. I'm in the middle of a large bootleg project and I'm making sure the discs I send out have no flaws.

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omg this is bloody brilliant..I haven't had the time to scour through Youtube to watch all these clips, but I think I should now^^ Btw I'm listening to this right now. The first performance of Tea For One from Japan and it did make my knees go weak..Love that song..

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September 19, 1971 Madison Square Garden, NY...both the afternoon and evening shows as contained in EVSD's "Praying Silently for Jimi" 4-disc set.

Afternoon show is good but the evening show is STUPENDOUS! Easily one of the best concerts Led Zeppelin performed. "Out on the Tiles" is even better than the one from the 9-4-70 Blueberry Hill show. Add in a rare Gallows Pole, a raging Girl Can't Help It/Twenty Flight Rock cover, and not only a long Whole Lotta Love medley, but a How Many More Times medley, too...one that includes another go at "Blueberry Hill"!

This show has a permanent place in my Desert Island Top 10 Led Zeppelin bootlegs.

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As I do at least once a week, just finished listening to SIBLY from May 18, 1977.

#2 Because I was there.

#1 Because Plant's vocals are to me the essence of power and restraint on this particular version. This being the band's first show in a few weeks, their batteries were charged.

At points, Page literally has his guitar weeping in his hands...

Not the best quality recording of the '77 tour but this version of SIBLY smashes the other '77 versions I've heard. Of course, I'll readily admit bias.

My friend Conneyfogle, was kind enough to honour my reguest and create an excellent video with this version. Check it out on YouTube if you haven't already.

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Today it should be obvious what show that I, and all Zepheads around the world, should be listening to: September 29, 1971 Osaka, Japan.

One of the greatest concerts in Led Zeppelin history...a Top 10 desert island pick, for sure! Today is the 40th Anniversary of this momentous concert.

The version I am listening to is ESVD's " You Were There In Spirits". I also recently discovered I have another version of this show: TDOLZ's "929".

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