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What show or live song are you listening to now?

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3-12-75 Seattle, what a monster show, everyone is just on this night. Plant's voice sounds good, Jones's bass runs and work on NQ is excellent, Jimmy is brilliant, and Bonzo is out of this world, this Moby Dick ROCKED. Beginning to end a magnificent show.

One thing I really liked is at the 18:45 mark on NQ...Jimmy is playing a nice, middle of the road pentatonic run when out of the blue, Jone's just decides, "fuck this" and goes into a minor jazz movement which freaks out both Page & Bonham. This would likely have killed the song were it not for the improvisational skills of both Page & Bonham. For about 45 seconds the song goes into this magnificent Coltrane meets Bitches Brew Davis with the cacophony of three different musicians playing three completely different things yet it sounds brilliant. Then at around 19:35 they come back together.

This is what made Zeppelin Zeppelin. Prog rock bands would never go off structure like that as they would consider such a deviation undisciplined and dissonant. Looser bands like the Stones did not have the virtuosity to even attempt such a feat. And most bands in general outside of the Dead would give less fucks about form and more about being in the moment...shit or bust.

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Guest Llymphs

MSG 73....one of the 6 nights (sorry,  lost info on show. Recently found disc under back floormat, scuffed and untitled...nice surprizey.) Dazed and Confused esp, ...no edits, no nothing. Totally in synch.

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21 hours ago, Llymphs said:

MSG 73....one of the 6 nights (sorry,  lost info on show. Recently found disc under back floormat, scuffed and untitled...nice surprizey.) Dazed and Confused esp, ...no edits, no nothing. Totally in synch.

MSG '73 was three nights. 1977 was the six-night run.

53 minutes ago, Badgeholder Still said:


Ahhhh...this is perfect to wrap up my work day. One of the best "Dazed and Confused" performances ever. How special was that 1973 German tour!!!

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On October 31, 2016 at 8:24 PM, Strider said:

The closest we get is supposedly tape exists of the show in Buffalo the night before, Oct. 30, 1969. I have yet to come across it at the record shops and swaps.

My exact date of birth and they were like 3 hours away playing live...  I've never seen it at Fisheads either.  Only read about its existence.

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Well, I just got done listening earlier today to my personal version of the ultimate 1977 show (put together from five different shows, using file slicer and crossfades galore). :)



The Rover / Sick Again

Over the Hills

Nobody's Fault

In my Time of Dying


No Quarter




Black Country / Bron-Yr-Aur

White Summer / Black Mountain


Moby Dick

Trampled Underfoot


Noise solo




WLL / Communication Breakdown


I used 5-30-77 as the basic track for most of the show, because it's got the nice low end. Then I spliced in lead breaks and solo guitar spots since the LA shows feature superior versions of almost everything (but in inferior sq). Occasionally I extended some solos (like Trampled where I crossfaded the solos from 6-23 and 6-25 to make the solo twice as long... I can never choose just one of those two versions and the solo always seems too short). I also tried building the ultimate NQ for '77, mine runs 40 mins and uses both the fast boogie from 5-30 and the slower lounge jam (I went with 6-25 where I like the guitar tone the best). I also gathered multiple Plantations in their correct spots introducing various songs, opening the show, etc. Makes for a fun listen and I have tried to keep the sq good to great throughout.

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