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What show or live song are you listening to now?


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1971/01/23 - The Great Lost Live Album.

OTHAFA, SIBLY, TSRTS, TRS, DaC - the whole thing actually...


As a show, it truly could be a live release for audio quality and performance.

One of the best SIBLY and Over the Hills from that year if not ever. (prove me wrong PLEASE!!!) :) 

Is there a better boot from around that time for audio quality and performance??? (MUST have the fast start to SIBLY - you know - the BEST they ever got that song)

Amazing boot - one of my best.

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Buffalo War Memorial Auditorium, July 15, 1973. This is probably one of the 1973 shows I listen to least...Plant is not really in top form here and the tape ends after Stairway, so you miss the climax of "Whole Lotta Love" and "The Ocean". But the playing is actually pretty hot in spots...as per usual in 1973. I might bump it up in rotation.


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1 hour ago, IpMan said:


There is something more powerful about listening to that on vinyl than digitally. If you ever run across the old vinyl boot that it's on grab it. Called "Bonzo's Last Ever Gig" and although it's old and before the soundboard surfaced the old vinyl boot is worth it just for W.L.L.

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