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What show or live song are you listening to now?


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8 hours ago, Strider said:

August 31, 1969 Texas International Pop Festival. THIS is the bootleg that should have been titled "Pure Blues", not the 1970 Vancouver show. Great lean, mean and raw 1969 gig.


:drinks: One of my favorites. IMO, this is the first bootleg that should be used to introduce someone to unreleased Zeppelin recordings. Excellent sound quality, tight performance, nothing too stretched out. Just an excellent, smoking show from beginning to end.

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Just finished Texas 8/31/69. What a show. Jimmy is on fire!!

Godfather is a great tape but I listen to The Nobs version more often. I m not sure on the sourcing but it sounds as good as Texas Blues and Texas International Pop by Liquid Led but less clicking. 

Whiskey A Go Go up next!!

1969 is short on material but Plants voice is just insane. And Jimmy is just so fluid and tight. JPJ s bass sound never sounded better.

Did he use the Rickenbacher in 69 or maybe a fuzz effect?

The lows on the bass tracks really sound incredible. 


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21 hours ago, Jimmywalnutz said:

Wow, I find the notion of doing my own Mixed  or Masters intriguing but I can barely boot up.

So , I ll just stick to listening to these and the others. I think they are great!!

Would downloading them for personal listening be OK ?

Go for it

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