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What show or live song are you listening to now?


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Knebworth DVD audio tracks.  I do most of my listening in the car or while walking.  I do not watch the DVD often, but every time I listen to it I am blown away.  The sound of these Knebworth tracks is so fantastic, especially the drums.  And it always brings a smile to my face to hear how good they all were, at least for the songs on the DVD.  Everyone is on POINT.  This is a treasure.  

Even the "oldies" are great.  Rock and Roll rocks, and the revamped WLL is so compelling and so different.



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3 hours ago, John M said:

Love the bass in TSRTS here.


Indeed, such a great concert, IMO the very best of their 9th US tour. I strongly recommend V1/2 on the Graf Zeppelin label, the sound quality is much better than on the Winston Remaster.

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First time listening to the last NY '77 show all the way through, actually.  Also listened to the second night for the first time this week and was thoroughly impressed!  It's a real shame that for the most part the NY tapes are so inferior to the LA ones sonically-speaking...makes it hard to compare apples to apples.


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