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What show or live song are you listening to now?


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On 10/1/2019 at 1:28 PM, ZepHead315 said:


I just listened to this show for the first time ever... and wow! Where did that performance come from?

All four members are ON! And even though Plant's range is limited, his power is all there! 

Page and Bonham are playing really fluidly tonight. TSRTS is the best example of this... Page's licks are more colorful sounding and Bonham is really energetic. I thought I was listening to a 1973 show for a minute there.

Dazed is slow and plodding as Page seems to have over-indulged backstage during Moby Dick. He's holding Bonham back during the second half of the song. Bonham unleashes his pent-up energy during the return to the main riff. But other than this and a rather sloppy Black Dog solo, Page's playing was excellent.

I noted early on this was a very "good-vibey" show like 1977, but in contrast to 1973, in which the crowd was more dead and Plant got kinda pissy with them a few times. His comment about the quaaludes before Dazed made me laugh. He then introduces the following song as one of the first things they ever did in a little room in London in 1968. Then coincidentally, Page hints at the actual very first song in said room. That was really amusing...

Great show! Just became one of my favorites of 1975, and it's almost certainly Bonham's best show of the tour.


P.S. Bring on Houston!

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