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What show or live song are you listening to now?


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LA Forum 22 June 1977

Not as good a recording as the other 77  Forum dates but some amazing versions of songs.  Most notably the craziest most over the top out of this world guitar solo ever in Over the Hills.  Just when it seems the solo is ending Page blasts off even further into outer space and takes it places it had never been and never would be again.   A special night.


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The video recording was done on March 18, 1969 at Staines Studios in the UK as part of a larger "staged" concert recording event called "Supershow".  It was produced by Tom Parkinson, directed by John Crome and filmed by a privately financed, independent production company call Colourtel TV Productions.  In addition to Led Zeppelin, some of the other musicians recorded as part of this show included Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, Stephen Stills, Buddy Guy and others.  The filmed concert was ultimately made into a full length feature film and was shown in both Europe and the US in 1969 and 1970.  There is some more detailed documentation of the Supershow event on the Led Zeppelin website.  The link to that site is as follows:


The Wikipedia link for this concert film recording event is as follows:


Here is what Jimmy Page was quoted as saying with respect to this Supershow session:

Jimmy Page: "We performed Dazed and Confused with what seemed to be a pretty experienced production team, as the camera angles appeared interesting at the time. They also used some dry ice, which was quite vibey, and we were just part of a number of artists that were to appear on this show - some of whom had not yet recorded and were due to arrive at the building. There was definitely a timeslot for us to do another number, especially as the other artists hadn't arrived, and I suggested to the director that maybe it would be a good opportunity to do Communication Breakdown as a second number, but they declined the offer and said it wasn't necessary!" - jimmypage.com

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