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What show or live song are you listening to now?

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July 20, 1973 - Boston -- One of my favourites of 1973.  It's a shame that the uncooperative crowd forced them to cut the setlist back, because they're playing with the intensity of the German shows in March.  Although it's possible that their frustrations with the crowd contributed to the performance -- it does sound like angry good playing in a lot of spots.  "No Quarter" is extremely powerful -- it really takes a step forward on the second leg IMO, not that I dislike the May-June versions at all.  Amazing versions of Dazed and Stairway as well.


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I listened to 7/19/70 Berlin for the first time yesterday since it was the 50th anniversary...great show, but what a cool, unique version of "Moby Dick"!  I've never heard Bonham approach it the way he does for the first minute or two of the solo on this version.  Much jazzier than usual, with the cymbals much more involved...I'd like to hear Ginger Baker make his snide remarks about Bonzo's lack of swing after listening to this one.

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July 21, 1973 - Providence -- My favourite show of '73.  Plant sounds great and the others are on fire all the way through.  Best of the short NQ's, fantastic versions of SIBLY, Dazed, Stairway, Heartbreaker, perhaps the best version of The Ocean.  Very high on my soundboard wish list, not only for the sound quality, but to fill in the cuts as well.


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