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What show or live song are you listening to now?


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No Quarter 23 June 1977.  One of the all time great versions.  That was the first 1977 boot I ever got, and the piano work by Jones is really something else.  It was so amazing to have that recording back in the 80s.  I made multiple cassette copies so I would not wear out the vinyl.

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2 hours ago, AchillesLastBand said:

Great show. Only major flaws are a train-wreck Kashmir. Jimmy's guitar cuts out in Trampled, but he makes up for it by coming back with a furious solo.




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"Stick Out!" (05-03-71 K.B.-Hallen, Copenhagen, DK) - An all-time great performance, I think.



1-1    Immigrant Song    
1-2    Heartbreaker    
1-3    Since I've Been Loving You    
1-4    Dazed And Confused    
1-5    Black Dog    
1-6    Stairway To Heaven    
1-7    Going To California    
1-8    That's The Way    
2-1    MC    
2-2    What Is And What Should Never Be    
2-3    Four Sticks    
2-4    Gallows Pole    
2-5    Whole Lotta Love    
2-6    Communication Breakdown    
2-7    Misty Mountain Hop    
2-8    Rock And Roll

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03-05-71 Ulster Hall, Belfast, IE - As we all know this is pretty much peak Plant (along with 05-03-71 Copenhagen). However, if memory serves from prior listens, midway thru Stairway the tape source switches to one that is particularly bad and has feedback. This was probably a necessity due to the prior tape missing that portion but it's a shame it happened here, esp. as I think this is the first ever Stairway known to exist. Still, as a show overall, a great listen.

EDIT: arguably 09/19/70 MSG Evening is even more "peak Plant", but of course that doesn't have anything from IV on it.

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