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What show or live song are you listening to now?

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12 hours ago, Page Les Paul said:


WOW.  Now I know what I will be listening to today.  Great description of the process and all the work involved in the YouTube description.  Fantastic!  We are all so fortunate to have the fans who dedicate so much time and effort to projects like this.  Truly amazing.

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50 years and a couple days ago. Sounds like Artie and his Noo Yawk pals made the trip to Ireland to record this show. So much yakking and bad attempts at singing along.


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2 hours ago, paul carruthers said:

I was thinking, this is a really good one from early in the '75 tour--why have I not listened to it more often...




Wanton Song. When the Levee Breaks. How Many More Times. Everyone needs to explore early-1975 more often.

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Unbelivable Show, impossible to break away from start to finish...



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