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What show or live song are you listening to now?


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Coasting through what has to be my least favorite show from the '75 tour. Not a horrible performance by any stretch, just very subdued & none of the performances of the individual songs really stand out for me, just seems like the band is playing a very competent, workmanlike show for them--if I'm allowed to phrase it that way.

The fact that the bass is kind of buried in the mix doesn't help either...



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Listened to Rock and Roll from Seattle '75 for the umpteenth time. Man, the way he hits that power note at the end of the mid-break (not quite a solo?) to go back into the song is just so epic. Is there better? (doesn't hurt that it sounds like it could be an official release)

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I swear it sounds like someone yells "James Patrick Page!"  before Rock and Roll - but I'm not 100%.

What a great recording of a great gig - Feb 12 '75. The opening 3. Farq!


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