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What show or live song are you listening to now?


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^ How about two for Tuesday! ;)

Doing the same thing, but reversed order...already listened to Seattle '73 and getting ready to watch some of '77, don't think I'll make it all the way through especially since I just watched it a couple of weeks ago for the first time in ages.


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No Quarter - 7-17-77

Made it this far while making dinner, sailing with Captain Morgan shots, etc - home alone. ;) Had to chase the dog back into the house after he got through the gate in the backyard - damn yard spraying guy! Yeah, buzzing along towards Ten Years Gone! :)

Edit: just heard Plant's wailing in the 2nd part of NQ - exceptional, especially from a guy who's sick with a deaf/clogged ear!

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Played both Oakland 77 shows today.

Not as bad as I feared they might be, having read reports that they were substandard. Pretty solid, in fact - apart from the fuck-up at the start of the TYG solo on the 1st night, and a minor glitch in ALS on the 2nd night. Plant's the weakest link throughout, as he was in all the July 77 shows. But overall, no complaints.

So that's the end of 77, and I enjoyed it far more than I expected to, given all the horseshit that's been talked about it. I really don't know where all the shitheads who slag off the 77 shows are coming from - there were just as many mediocre shows in 75, and quite a few in 73, IMO. Most entertaining setlist since 72 - FACT.

Edit: unexpected bonus on the last night: finally, a 77 NQ without the shithouse shuffle interlude! Marvellous.

So true! This tour rocks, Plant's at his best in years, the set list has all that Presence goodness AND an acoustic set! What else do you want? I went to that last show, it seemed like a total disaster at the time, hours late, rowdy crowd, band seemed pissed/bored, etc. I seem to recall that Jimmy skipped the solo in ALS, is that true?

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