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What show or live song are you listening to now?


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September 29, 1971 Osaka, Japan.

The final night of the landmark 1971 Japanese Tour. A Top 10 concert for sure...to go along with 4-27-69 Fillmore West, 1-9-70 RAH, 9-19-70 Evening show MSG, 8-31-71 Orlando, 9-14-71 Berkeley, 6-25-72 LA Forum, 3-24-73 Offenbach, 6-23-77 LA Forum.

I usually listen to EVSD's "You Were There In Spirits" which is a fantastic-sounding audience tape that really sounds like a soundboard because you can hear all the chatter between the band. You can hear Bonzo grumbling and making all sorts of funny comments. I don't know where the taper was but he had to be close to Bonzo.

Today, though, I am giving another version of 9-29-71 a spin...TDOLZ's "929". TDOLZ Vol. 82 is definitely an audience tape...a little more distant sounding, although it captures Plant's powerful voice better in some spots than the 'soundboard' tape.

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41b467MtinL.jpgAlmost forgot how good this one sounded, still wonder what the strange intro to this record actually is. The version of Achilles is so amazingly energetic, yet very overlooked compared to the many '77 versions of the song. Kashmir is also perfectly executed in one of the most majestic versions ever recorded.
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