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What show or live song are you listening to now?


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Sue is all over '77 soundboard Landover shows, isn't she! I'm glad you got them - Christmas early!! :thumbsup:

Oh yeah......

No Quarter - London - 12/6/07

IMO this version rivals many of the best '73 versions - great mood/vibe! :yesnod:


Walter, we haven't talked in awhile, PM me sometime! I also enjoyed the No Quarter from the rehearsal, that and the Nobody's Fault But Mine, the two highlights of the set, if you ask me! And yes, thanks to a site I will not disclose the name of here, I got the Landover SBD's surprisingly early. I thought I would have to wait a month, according to how long it took for Snowblind to come around. So far, the 25th is very good. The Achilles' from this show is truely an unearthed gem. Edited by Sue Dounim
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Wow, I never realized how good Godfather Record's "Conquering Kingdome" sounded. It almost tricks me into thinking it's a great show. Currently listening to Achilles' Last Stand 7/17/77.

Hmm...one of the few Godfather releases I haven't picked up. Might have to look into that. The second half of the show is still rather crummy though!

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