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What show or live song are you listening to now?


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Just viewed the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame concerts. It's nice to see performers I haven't caught in many years and a few I didn't know. Have to say, I find Springsteen hard to watch, he looks as if he's a wound spring about to pop or on the verge of a heart attack.

Also watched a few music documentaries including the Ramones and Joe Strummer. Both sad endings. I sense a theme emerging this week.

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Awesome footage of Jimmy Page/Led Zeppelin


A 6 minute review of Jimmy Page's amazing career spanning 1958-2008.

14 years old Skiffle playing (1957), Yardbirds (1966), Led Zeppelin (1968), The Firm (1985), with Clapton and Beck (1983), Phil Collins (1985), Elvis (BBC spoof promo) , Aerosmith (1990), David Cloverdale (1993) Puff Daddy (1998), The Black Crows (1999), LZ Reunion (2007) and closing the Beijing Games 2008

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Misty Mountain Hop 7-23-79...ha ha, what a great trainwreck! Almost as bad as its live debut in the same city (coincidently) almost 8 years earlier! But I love love love this song, so I can bear it. At least it was better the next night! Although, I will say, I think it was a mistake for Jonesy to play this on a grand piano versus keyboards in all '79 shows! I think it would have been better on keyboards!

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