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What show or live song are you listening to now?


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Coming home from seeing "The Bicycle Thieves", I have a special show to listen to on the way back...

40 years ago tonight!

March 21, 1973 Hamburg Muzikhalle, Germany.

Just another DEVASTATING show in a string of devastating nights in Germany. I don't know if it was the bier, the bratwurst, or the fräuleins, but Germany really seemed to bring out the best(beast) in the boys on this tour in March 1973. They entered Germany like a Lion and left like a Lion!

There may be better setlists, better staging and effects on other, later tours. Plant's vocals aren't at the peak of his powers. But instrumentally, Led Zeppelin reached a sizzling peak on the 1973 German tour that they would never consistently reach again.

Page and Bonham, in particular, seemed to be on a mission to bash every German's head in with der Hammer der Götter. The insane speed and sheer force and brutality of their playing is awesome to behold...and not just a little terrifying.

See below for a little taste of the Hammering they did in Hamburg.

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March 24, 1973: Offenburg, Germany.

Courtesy of a no label cd I have called "Offenbach Daze". Last night of the 1973 German swing and possibly the greatest night overall of the tour. So many fiery highlights. This site lists "Dancing Days" on the setlist, but it's not on the cd.

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i think my husband is getting sick of me watching the dvds over and over,I dont think I have heard of the one you are speaking of?

For some reason I can't stop listening to 1975 Baton Rouge and June 21 1977 LA show. Over and over. My wife is getting pissed.

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