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What show or live song are you listening to now?


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6-23-77, the Millard Source, version without patches from other sources. Planning to listen to the 25th and 27th later tonight when winding down.

I believe these Millard discs I have are the ones that all claim to be "1st gens" and are the best for the LA 77 run MM recordings.

Millard did such a good job, its a shame the bootleggers added such an enormous amount of shrill nasty high end.

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This looks like a badass '77 show. Bonham is a beast here. God he puts so force behind his beats! I bet homeboy was solid muscle. If a sbd dropped of this one, we'd have a REAL treat. Pagey seems to be having fun and coherent.

Based on visuals, this looks like a good one. Fun to watch

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Happy birthday, Sue!

Will you be listening to 27/6/77 tomorrow, the one with yer favourite Noise Solo? I plan on it, since it's my favourite Forum '77 show...if I get the three and a half hours of uninterrupted peace in which to do so...

Happy Birthday Sue Dounim!

Thanks u guys! <3
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Been immersing myself in a bunch of 1969 shows, thanks to some recent acquisitions...some upgrades, some I got just to have extra copies just in case. Been listening in chronological order:

February 14, 1969 Thee Image Club, Miami

March 14, 1969 Koncerthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

April 26, 1969 Winterland, San Francisco

April 27, 1969 Fillmore West, San Francisco

December 6, 1969 Ecole Centrale, Chatenay-Malabry, France

Wild and raw. This was when Jimmy Page could really shred; before the drugs took its toll. In fact, whenever I run into some doubter who says Jimmy couldn't shred, I put on "Killing Floor" from Thee Image Club. Case closed.

I might be back with thoughts about each individual show...if I remember.

Jimmy + Dragon Tele + Rickenbacker amps = SCORCHING HOT TONE!!!

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