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What show or live song are you listening to now?

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5/26/77! I listen to 5/25 and 5/30 so much, i forgot this one due to it being less recent sbd releases (considering).

I want to put on record that 1977 is my favorite year. I don't know why, but it just has some mysterious vibe to it that blows my mind, and the setlist is killer. (and at the same time, I realize that Jimmy high as a giraffes ass too, but still love it)

ps. Compared to late '72 through '75, live, Robert kicked ass in 1977. '75 bummers had to be sobering, but could that explain his lack of vocal cracking? The voice cracks of '73 are awful (minus 73's excellent shows, which still had plenty)

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Dazed and Confused - Four Blocks in the Snow 2/12/75 a Bluecongo production, a genius mix with amazing sound. How this one has slippped by me unti the other day, fuck knows.

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