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What show or live song are you listening to now?

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With all the talk of EVSD's new Thunder Down Under box, I have had the '72 Australian tour on my mind and I decided to bust out my old Equinox set, starting with 2.19.72 Adelaide.


Now, I am listening to the 2.20.72 Melbourne show.


Was it too much to ask the Australian tapers to stick around and record the encores? Was there some Shrimp on the Barbie party that they just had to get to? Was there a tape shortage or rationing or something? Going by the late-1971 and American 1972 setlists, the Aussie tapers appear to have shortchanged us by frequently missing "Celebration Day", "What Is and What Should Never Be", "Rock and Roll", "Thank You", and probably "Communication Breakdown". Think of how amazing "Celebration Day" and "Thank You" were in that period and you see the significant loss to Led Zeppelin live history due to the Aussie tapers' negligence.

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