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What show or live song are you listening to now?

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"The Evergreen" Seattle Centre Coliseum 19/06/1972. Dug out my old copy of this classic show when the boys were on top form. I defy anyone to tell me when Page nails the solo in Heartbreaker in any other show like this one. Brilliant

:bubble: for the reference.

The all show is fantastic, he contains probably the best Dazed : Jimmy is on fire, a riff machine. Jones/Bonzo are insane too. Proof that band gived for "us" 30% of his potential:

For Heartbreaker (exept this one) : Inglewood 71 (both nights.). MSG 71 (favourite concert :D) Htwww. Baltimore 1973 (very bad quality :/) But matter of taste. What to observe is that this piece is above all a matter of technique, or Jimmy reaches its peak at this time : 71 and 1/2/72. Great combination beetwen Felling and skills (gitf for haters)

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Trampled Under Foot 6.18.80

Check out Trampled from the june 30th show in Frankfurt ! it'll blow you away!!

right now, have 14 versions of No Quarter in my playlist along with 2 Pink Floyd shows, one from 75 and another from 77

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Feb. 12th 1975 "Four Blocks in the Snow" Blue Congo matrix.

Page is going out HARD! I had to turn it off after a few songs though, I just couldn't get into it. Maybe I'm coming down with a cold or something but I just didn't hear the "unit". It was like Jimmy was jamming for himself and the rhythm section was not into that. Maybe JPJ and Bonzo couldn't keep up? That seems unlikely. Maybe Jimmy was smacked out and in his own little world! Ah well, '75 has always been my least favorite tour.

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