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Madison Square Garden 1977

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Here's a teaser...TSRTS:

Cheers for finding this nutrocker! IMO this SBD doesn't sound as flat and dry as the Houston one does, the perfomance is also a shitload better. I can't wait to hear Nutrocker in SBD quality!

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usually its somewhere in the next 3 to 5 weeks or so

Let the countdown begin!!! Can't wait for this one as it sounds like it will be something really special with great sound and performance together as the two are tough to come by. Usually one or the other.

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Here's a teaser...TSRTS:

Thanks so much. Great quality and so clear. Awesome version! If this is just the beginning of what is yet to come...I can't wait! This version of TSRTS may be as good the one from The Forum on the 21st. But the intro is better from L.A. Can't beat Bonzo's drum rolls with Jimmy tuning up!

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Review from: http://uuweb.led-zeppelin.us/new_releases.html

from Jules site; New York City 7 June 1977

Magical Sound Boogie (Empress Valley, 3CDs)

Madison Square Garden, New York, 7 June 1977

Disc 1 (70:08): The Song Remains The Same / The Rover Introduction ~ Sick Again / Nobody's Fault But Mine / In My Time Of Dying / Since I've Been Loving You/ No Quarter

Disc 2 (48:13): Ten Years Gone / The Battle Of Evermore / Going To California / Black Country Woman (cut) / Bron-Y-Aur Stomp / White Summer ~ Black Mountain Side /Kashmir

Disc 3 (61:44): Over The Top / Page Guitar Solo (including Star Spangled Banner) / Achilles Last Stand / Stairway To Heaven / Whole Lotta Love / Rock And Roll

Bonus 3CDs: An audience recording of the entire show held at the same venue on 10 June 1977, plus a soundboard recording of Page guitar solo as performed at LA Forum on 23 June 1977

At last, EV has managed to continue its “Soundboard Revolution” by releasing this title featuring a newly surfaced SB from the first show that the band held at MSG on 7 June 1977. As rather expected, its sound quality has turned out to be unfortunately not as good as the SBs made available from a number of shows in 1975 and more or less similar to those already available from some shows in 1977, sounding drier and more compressed. It sounds somewhat stiff. More precisely, I will rank it in between EV's "The Powhatan Confederacy" (from the show on 28 May 1977) and the same label's "Bringing The House Down" (from the show on 26 May 1977). The last one sounds best in terms of the range and the balance among the three titles which were recorded at proximate times. In any event, it is certainly good to have another SB from 1977, especially from one of the shows at MSG, since there was no great audience recording of any of those shows, despite the general belief of people who witnessed that the levels of the band’s performances at those shows were great.

If my memory serves me correctly, Jimmy Page has once revealed that the atmosphere for the first night at MSG in 1977 was "electrifying." Now we can confirm, through this SB, that the in natural response to such an atmosphere, the band's playing at the show is gutsy and generally excellent from 1977 standard. Every member of the band is in good shape. Now we can confirm that the band's performance at this show should truly be comparable to those at LA Forum that have long been available through better sounding audience recordings. In addition, I note that the acoustic set on CD2 is very well recorded and sounds nice in this SB. However, "Black Country Woman" is cut very short for some unknown reason. It's regrettable.

Notably, "No Quarter" at this show includes another enjoyable "Nutcracker" section. However, the band loses its way in the middle of "Kashmir," as it often happened. The band loses its way again in the latter part of "Rock And Roll" after Robert mistakenly attempted to finish the song earlier. Overall, however, the band’s first return to MSG since February 1975 was definitely a triumph for the band.

The bonus 3CDs feature the newly surfaced audience recording of the show on 10 June 1977, although the paper insert incorrectly refers to "June 6, 1977." At the end of Disc 3, it also includes a SB recording of Jimmy's guitar solo as performed in LA on 23 June 1977. Therefore, the bonus discs are basically the same as what Wendy released in its title "Relic From A Different Dream" but the EV version of the SB is said to be longer than Wendy's. Let’s hope that we would in the near future be able to enjoy the legendary Badgeholders’ show with a SB in its entirety.

The 6CD set version of the title comes in a package similar to that for EV’s “Rampagin' Cajun”. Its outer case features two photos of the Zeppelin ship waiting to take off (with the band members’ loon symbol marks added on its wings) and flying over the skyscraper, while its three-way foldable inner case features several stage and backstage shots of the band. (TH Nov 2010)

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Underground Uprising said:

"The bonus 3CDs feature the newly surfaced audience recording of the show on 10 June 1977"

Cool B) ...I'm guessing that would be the 1st gen recording shared over at Dime last year. Only newly surfaced in that generation, mind you (it's the recording used as the basis for the "Rock And Roll Circus" June 10 boot). :P I wonder when the claims that it "didn't come from the internet" will start...

Why June 10 though? Why didn't they decide to work their "magic" on one of the June 7 audience recordings? The raw "Rawhide" source sounds pretty decent as it is, but with a little work on it it could sound fantastic!

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Fucking people would you belive that the links for this show are already dead!!!!. I had to find a txt document with different sites with the show to get all 5 parts

Why?! The site where I downloaded it had like 60 seeders, and now the thread is gone. Why would it get pulled like that?

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