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Alberta Cross - Boston, MA 9-26-10


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Last night I went to see Alberta Cross at The Middle East, Cambridge, Boston, MA. It was an excellent show. Small, personal and kick-ass.

Going back to the first time I heard them I was in Indy anxiously awaiting TCV. I really didn't want to wait for a warm up band. I wanted to see TCV. No wait, no bullshit.

Alberta Cross came out played a song or two whcih i didn't even pay attention to and then bam: they played this song called Rise From the Shadows. In the beginning

of the song they got everyone to clap together and got the audience into it. Then the unbeleivably powerful and soulful voice comes from under the hat onstage(his own signifying

garb) is the lead singer, Petter Ericson Stakee. With a voice that takes you from low to high and back again, over and over, with both power and inspiration, and a

climactic approach to a new band instrument, his voice. I haven't done a doubletake after hearing a singer in many years. Finally!

The rest of the band is as rock and roll as any. The solid, defined bassline of Terry Wolfers, the sonic and wailing guitar of Sam Kearney with

Austin Beebe rocking out on the drums and Alec Higgins polishing away at the boards. With varying musical insprations coming from

each of the members they put it all together to take many styles of music and mold it into their own creatively unique way.

Since that show and the next night in Chicago I really haven't listened to very much other than AC. Last night I finally got to see them again in Boston.

There were three bands, Mean Creek - a brilliant young local group who was pretty impressive for only a few tunes, then the Dead Confederate. I didn't really

know much of their material but they were quite impressive as well. The drummer really stood out. He beat them skins like Bonzo and Grohl, no kidding. I've seen alot

of bands, but not many just seem to want to beat the drums into the ground like he did. Keyboard player rocked out as well, obvisously loving what the does. Rock and Roll.

It's great to see someone doing what they enjoy so much. Great lyrics, great beats, good tunes all the way around They played one song which was a tribute to another band.

unfortunately i couldn't make out what he said but what a wailing tune and great way to start the show. It got my attention for sure!

Finally came Alberta Cross It's late, almost 1130 already. Shit, late start. They played a shorter set than they usually do but it was everthing I wanted it to be. The first

two times I saw them I didn't even know one song. Now I knew them all, well i thought so anyway. They started with a song called Leave us or Forgive Us Blues. A kickass rocker that

compliments every member of the band in the first song. They played most of their album The Broken Side of Time which came out about the same time that TCV came out with their debut album.

They didn't play a few which I thought would be a guarantee but I think because of the late start we didn't get quite the full show. To be honest, the rest of it was so powerful and satisfying that I went

home as happy as could be. They played my favorite-Rise From The Shadows and had bandmembers from the Dead Confederates join them onstage for an aweome version. They did their signature

rocker ATX for their last song which rocked even harder than most other versions I've seen on youtube. This was the last night of their tour together, and probably the reason for the colalborations

of bandmembers onstage together. it really made it pretty sweet to see about ten people jamming to Rise.

They came back out for only one song at the end. As much as we all wanted to hear so much more even if it was 1230 on a sunday night. They did a rocking version of John Lennon's Steel and Glass, complete

with members of the DC.

Tuesday night is their next scheduled show at Joe's Pub in Manhattan. It's going to be an all acoustic show. If you can make it I highly recommend it.

I do believe they will be going places!

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